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Baumcut 31.5 Cutter

  • Floor model, fully programmable microprocessor control
  • 99 programs, 6464 cut steps
  • Cutting Width 31.5” (80cm)
  • False clamp plate
  • Eccentric knife leveling
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel table
  • No slot in table
  • Powered backgauge with direct positioning
  • Fully hydraulic knife and clamp
  • Fraction input with automatic decimal conversion
  • Adjustable clamp pressure
  • Lifetime cut counter
  • Quiet operation – hydraulic pump runs only during cutting
  • Adjustable knife cycle timing
  • Infrared safety beam light curtain, self-checking with lateral safety guard
  • Two-hand cut button control with timed, non-repeat device

Baum Baumcut 26.4

Baum Baumcut 26.4

  • Block programming with auto push eject
  • Rear table see-through guard fully covered
  • Foot pedal guard
  • Machine self-diagnosis and error indication
  • Knife edge protection tool for knife change


Baumcut 31.5 Cutter

Cutting Width:

31.5” (80cm)

Clamp Opening:

nearly 4” (10cm)

Length Behind Knife:

31.5” (80cm)

Clamp Pressure Minimum:

440 lbs (200daN)

Clamp Pressure Maximum:

5950 lbs (2700daN)

Knife Speed:

25 cuts per minute

Backgauge Speed:

0-13cm per sec.

Knife Thickness:

.38 in. (10mm)

Grinding Reserve:

.88 in. (22mm)

Minimum Cut without False Clamp:

.59 in. (1.5cm)

Minimum Cut with False Clamp:

2.0 in (5.0cm)

Backgauge Speed:

0 – 13cm/sec.



Infrared Safety Light Beams:


Two-hand timed cut button control:


Specifications Subject to Change without Notice