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CET Color

X-Press 500 Flatbed
UV Printer

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art Spectra Polaris 512 nozzle print heads with a 15 pico liter drop size on a true precision flatbed printing platform
  • UV curable ink sets that are eco-friendly and can print on virtually any substrate up to 4" thick and 49”x 99” in size
  • Ultimate media versatility with either roll-to-roll or flatbed operation.
  • A fast 480 sq ft / hr for quality, sellable prints
  • 4 - to 8 - color custom configurable, CMYKlmlc+W+V or CMYKx2 or CMYK+S; white ink & clear ink.

CET COlor X-Press 500


  • Uses VOC-free UV inks for an environmentally-friendly workplace.
  • Head height adjustment measures and adjusts the print head for media up to 2.25 inches thick
  • Retractable alignment bar for rigid media
  • Full width belt-driven vacuum flatbed for accurate conveyance of rigid and roll media
  • State-of-the-art print spooler for Onyx and Caldera facilitates a faster, more productive workflow
  • Flatbed is field upgradable with the ability to add additional color channels.


X-Press 500 Flatbed UV Printer

Print Head:

Spectra Polaris

Drop Size:

15 pl (35 pl white & clear)


1200 x 800 maximum

Media Thickness:

4" maximum

Power Requirements:

220V / 30A / single phase

Ink Curing:

Dual mercury UV lamps

Operating Temperature:

68°F to 86°F

Relative Humidity:

40% to 90%

RIP Support:

Onyx, Caldera

Maximum Media Size:

49” x 99”

Maximum Media Weight:

200 lbs.

Number of Print Heads:

Can configure from 4 to 8 heads


High Speed PCI

Machine Size L W H:

15.9’ x 6.4’ x 4.3’

Machine Weight:

2,645 lbs.

Ink Sets:

CMYKlclm+White+Clear • CMYKlclm • CMYK+White+Clear • CMYK+Spot • CMYK x2

Speed (bidirectional):

High Quality (8 pass) 200 sq.ft/hr

Quality (6 pass) 320 sq.ft/hr

Production (4 pass) 480 sq.ft/hr

Specifications Subject to Change without Notice