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CET Color

X-Press RK512
Roll-to-Roll UV Printer

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art Konica 512 nozzle print heads with a 14 pico litre drop size and a large gamut 4 - color ink set for photographic output
  • Versatile UV curable ink sets that are eco-friendly and can print on virtually any substrate like fabrics, vinyl banner, vehicle graphics and much more at up to 120" wide
  • The UV ink system provides for instant curing while printing, does not produce odors, and delivers up to two years outdoor durability without lamination

CET Color - X-Press RK512
Roll-to-Roll UV Printer

  • The X-Press Roll-to-Roll printers are ideal for creating point-of-purchase signage, backlit displays, real estate signage, and much more
  • With a maximum resolution of 1440 x 720 dpi, the printer is suitable for sign and POP display graphics for both far and close viewing distances
  • The printers give you endless opportunity to increase your display graphics revenue and take on work never before possible with a solvent based printer.


X-Press RK512 Roll-to-Roll UV Printer

Print Head:

Konica 512L/M

Drop Size:

14 Pico Litre/4 drop sizes


1440 x 720

Roll Size Diameter:


Media Thickness:

4” maximum

Power Requirements:

220V / 30A / single phase

Compressed Air:

80psi min. to 100psi max./5cfm peak

Ink Curing:

Dual mercury UV lamps

Operating Temperature:

59°F to 86°F

Relative Humidity:

40% to 75%

RIP Support:

Onyx, SAi, Caldera

Number of Print Heads:

8 Print Heads

Print Width:


Machine Size L W H:

15’ x 3.5’ x 5.5’

Machine Weight:

2,000 lbs.

Ink Sets:

CMYK x 2

Speed (bidirectional):

High Quality (8 pass) 160 sq.ft/hr

Quality (6 pass) 220 sq.ft/hr

Production (4 pass) 340 sq.ft/hr

Draft (2 pass) 680 sq.ft/hour

Specifications Subject to Change without Notice