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CreaseMaster Plus+

  • Floor model impact creasing machine for mid to high-volume users
  • Pneumatic model (requires compressed air)
  • Bottom suction horizontal air feed
  • Inverted and regular impact scoring in the same pass (create Z folded pieces in a single pass)
  • Up to 10 impact scores per sheet
  • Up to 20 jobs can be stored into memory
  • Menu driven touch screen controls allow for unequalled ease of use
  • Up to 4,600 creases per hour
  • Min sheet size 3” W x 5” L
  • Max sheet size 18.25” W x 25.5” L
  • Stock Weight 12# - 18 point
  • Includes 1 accessory holder with standard 12 TPI perf blade
  • Perf Blade Options 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 42, 72 teeth per inch

CreaseMaster Plus+

Equipment Available

  • Optional StrikePerf
  • Optional Impact Perf
CreaseMaster Plus+


CreaseMaster™ Plus+  Self centering, bottom suction horizontal airfeed


115V/60Hz/20A or 230V/50Hz/20A

Maximum Speed (impact score):

4600, 8.5x11”/A4 sheets per hour

Maximum Speed (rotary perf/score):

4900, 8.5x11”/A4 sheets per hour

Maximum Stock Size:

18.25" W x 25.5" L 46.3 cm x 64.8 cm

Minimum Stock Size:

3" W x 5"L  (7.6 cm x 12.7 cm)

Stock Weight:

12# bond - 18 point +( 45 - 385 gsm+)




60" (152cm)


27" (69cm)


46" (117cm)


250 lbs (114kg)

Conveyor Outfeed Delivery:


Rotary Perforating Blade Options:

2,4,6,8,12,16 teeth per inch

MICROPERF Blade Options:

42 or 72 teeth per inch

Strike Perf:


Rotary Scoring Blade Options:

Wide (standard) or narrow

Slitting Blade:


Creasing Die (2):

Wide (standard) or narrow

Impact Perf:

Optional (12 or 45 tpi)

Job Memory:

Up to 20 jobs

Impact Scores:

Up to 10 per sheet (.05”/.13mm min.)

System Menu Interface:

Touch Screen

Scoring Options:

Inverted and regular in same pass

Miscellaneous Information:

  • Single sheet set-up in minutes allows quick change of jobs
  • Bottom suction air feed eliminates scuffing and allows continuous loading for greater productivity
  • Menu driven touch screen ensures operator-friendly easy editing of a programmed job


Note: CreaseMaster Platinum, Plus+ and Pro are pneumatic. A compressor (min. 90 psi, ¾ hp, 5 gallon reserve tank) is required but not supplied

Specifications Subject to Change without Notice