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MGI - PressCard Pro

PressCard Pro

PressCard Pro is an industrial production unit dedicated to pressurized lamination of plastic substrates (PVC, Polycarbonate, Vinyl, Synthetic Papers, etc.)

The unique technology integrated in PressCard® range includes individual heating, cooling and pressure control circuits for the manufacture of Plastic Cards (ISOCR-80) from 100 microns up to 850 microns or .12 mils up to .32 mils, POP, Labels, Signage, etc.

These compact and professional hot lamination presses are fully automated
and operate with a fast cycle.


PressCard Pro


Templates for ISO CR-80:

Standard Lamination is achieved using 2 PVC sheets (or any other synthetic substrate) and with/without a spacer (heat activated core), through a single stack heat/water cooled process. Lamination could be obtained in matte or glossy finish.

Cards on a 21-up layout for standard ISO Cards on a 13" x 19" sheet (330 x 482 mm)


Maximum Pressure:

Up to 2,400 cards per hour at 250-300 µ  
Up to 2,000 + cards per hour at 760 µ  (ISO CR-80 cards)

Hydraulic pressure maximum 25 tons per square cm



13” X 19” - 330 X 482 mm maximum

440 Volt / 60 Cycle / 30 Amps

Consumable Films:


Clear PVC or PET Overlay, Polishgard Spacer for split core stainless lamination plate & pads.

Approximately 1200 Kg
Approximately 2,646 Lbs.



3 drawers of 10 stainless steel plates each, for a total of 30 sandwiches of 760 µ up to 860 µ (32 mils)

(L x W x H) : 950 x 800 x 1610 mm
37.4” x 31.5” x 63.39”

Specifications Subject to Change without Notice