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Standard AFC-546AKTS

Standard and Horizon are proud to introduce the AFC-546AKTSC computerized cross, equipped with 6 fold plates, which allows for a wide variety of folding in a minimum amount of floor space. The AFC-546AKTSC combines superior feeding and registration with touch-screen control. This new automated folder combines a variety of special features in a best-in-class folder.
Standard AFC-546AKTS
  • LCD Touch Screen – For operator convenience, an icon-based color LCD touch screen is used to select and/or set fold patterns, control system speed, and all other system parameters.
  • Job Memory – The folder has 17 pre-set fold patterns. For production efficiency, the AFC-546AKTSC can store up to 100 custom jobs in memory. Sheet size, belt speed, suction time, feed intervals, knife delay time can also all be stored in memory.
  • Set-Up – After inputting the sheet format and choosing the desired fold pattern at the LCD, the folder automatically adjustments the fold plates and registers for that particular job. Set-up can be accomplished in as little as 14 seconds.
  • Feeding System – The feeding section of the folder combines a rotary vacuum feeder with a suction head for efficient feeding of a wide range of paper stock. The control console allows the operator to micro- adjust feed timing and suction rotor time for consistent feeding regardless of sheet length and quality. In addition, a long registration table ensures precise transport and alignment of the sheet for precise and consistent fold quality.
  • Speed – Capable of folding up to 35,000 sheets per hour.
  • High Quality Fold Plate – The fold plates are specially coated to reduce friction. For highly curled paper, the position of the gate and retractable board are easily adjustable. In addition, the fold plates feature adjustable opening width and stopper skew adjustment.
  • Quality Engineered Folding Rollers – The fold rollers are constructed using segmented steel and urethane rubber with striation for smooth, accurate folding.
  • Knife and Under-knife Buckle Fold – The knife fold immediately after the parallel buckle fold enables the production of 8-page signatures. Also, the two additional buckle plates are provided under the knife fold section. These added plates permit letter folding, after the parallel fold is performed in the parallel buckle fold section.
  • Delivery Conveyor – This easy-to-use conveyor has infinitely variable speed to best suit the job requirements.
  • Compact Design – The intelligent design of the AFC-544AKT makes it the smallest footprint 30” folder with cross folding capability on the market today.
  • CIP4 Compliant – The AFC-546AKTSC can be connected to a host computer for CIP4 enablement.
  • Accessories – including gate fold plate and press stacker.

With fully automated set-up, user-friendly touch-screen, and legendary Horizon construction and reliability, the AFC-546AKTSC is ideally suited to the most challenging production environments.

AFC-546AKTS Specifications

Max. Sheet Size 21.2" x 29.5"
Min. Sheet Size 5.1" x 5.9"
Stock Weight Sub 10 lb. bond to 40 lb. bond
Folding Up to 905.5" / minute
Speed A4 Parallel Fold 35,000 sheets/hr
27.6” x 19.7” 8-page fold 14,000 sheets/hr
Feed Tray Capacity 25.5"
Paper Size Presets Sizes input via touch screen
Paper Fold Presets 17 fold patterns, including: Letter, half, engineering, double parallel, Z, gate, accordion 8-panel, accordian 12-panel , 8-page sig, 12-page sig, direct mail (letter), direct mail (Z), 16-page transformation fold
Power 200V 3 phase 50/60 Hz 16.4A
Dimensions 109.5"L x 39.6"W x 65.5"H, conveyor – 52.0"L x 23.7"W x 44.5"H
Net Weight 2,977 lbs.
Special Features Six (6) buckle plates, LCD touch screen; graphical display; cross-fold; parallel fold; optional gate fold & press stacker; can store up to 100 custom jobs in memory; perf, score, and slitting available

Specifications Subject to Change without Notice